The Bloomengine Will Grow Your Plants For You!


Have you ever wanted to have a plant, but just can’t seem to keep it alive? If that is the case, The Bloomengine is for you! This product is a self-contained and self-sustaining planter that can grow and monitor your plant. It will guide you through the process and let you know how the plant’s progress is going and what it needs. This planter requires almost no involvement from the user, because it autonomously takes care of the plan’s needs itself!

To get things going, you place the compressed soil tablet in the center and the seeds on top. You then add a few drops of fertilizer around it on the grill, then pour water to fill the reservoir cup. Once you have connected it to a power source, it will start to get to work for you!

Using a 10k-23k lux LED light gives it artificial sunlight, while the water is guided through the top and precipitates down like rain. A micro ventilation fan creates air circulation that helps the flowers bloom. While your plant is progressing, you will receive data on your phone that allows you to keep up to date on how your plant is doing. Not to mention there is a camera on top that takes a time-lapse of your plant coming to life.

Great for people who don’t have time or lack the knowledge on how to grow different plants, the Bloomengine is the way to go. Once your plant has grown to a certain point, you can remove it and plant it in a regular pot. Then you can start all over again! We sure think this is neat!

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Designers: William Park & Jeehye Yoo

Click here to Buy Now: $129.00 $169.00 (23% off). Hurry, only for the first 100 backers!


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