Meet Doolight, The Modular, Smart Chandelier Of 2018


Back in 2008, the Drop Light was created as a chandelier concept that allowed you to move or carry the lights around. Since then we have seen such advancements like wireless charging, LED technology, and contact charging, therefore they have upgraded the chandelier. Meet the Doolight, including a few updates and some visual differences, it still is a very stylish and functional product.

The Doolight features a redesigned chandelier base and a separate reading-light attachment. The individual units are very sturdy and waterproof, allowing you to use them inside and outside, even the shower if you so desire. Using LED lights, the soft silicone sphere diffuses the light, as to not make it too bright.

The individual lights have flat bases, which can be kept on any surface by themselves, making this the most useful chandelier we have seen yet. There is a control switch on the base of the light, or as you guessed it, you can control the lights via an app! Another upgrade for the Doolight is it recognizes voice commands, so you can control it via Alexa.

The lights while in chandelier mode hang upside down on a mount, much like wine glasses do, and can charge wirelessly. They run on batteries and are able to function for 3 days on a full charge, which means you can put the lights wherever you want for 3 days and then when its time to recharge them, you put them back into chandelier mode. This chandelier certainly has our vote!

Designer: Doosan Baek

Click here to Buy Now: $149 $299 (50% off) for the Leaf Set (1 Base + 1 Droplet).

Perhaps not as multi-functional as Doolight, here are some other stylish chandeliers that we think are worth taking a look at: Gypsy Color The Original Gypsy Crystal ChandelierStone & Beam Classic Four-Arm ChandelierElectro_BP Vintage Metal ChandelierSiljoy Modern Crystal Chandelier, and Sculptural Glass Pebble 7-Light Chandelier.


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