Feel The Breeze With This Helmet That Has Its Own Air Conditioner!


Although a great product concerning safety, the helmet will always be there to protect your head in case of a collision, however I think we can all agree they are not as comfortable as we would hope. Once you wear one for a while, it gets really hot and humid, leaving your head sweaty. To get some air in you could lift up the visor, but that wouldn’t reach your entire head, still not solving the issue. What Feher has done with their design is put a built-in air conditioner within the helmet, making it feel like the wind is in your hair whilst wearing our protective helmet!

definition motorcycle band tour helmet bike meantime unsung

definition motorcycle band tour helmet bike meantime unsung

This helmet uses a battery and a thermoelectric module, the ACH-1 is located on the back of the helmet, pulling ambient air from the top vent, cooling it, and then distributing the air around the users head. The hot air is removed from a lower vent in the back, which helps this helmet to be up to 18 degrees cooler on the interior, as opposed to the exterior.

definition motorcycle band tour helmet bike meantime unsung

definition motorcycle band tour helmet bike meantime unsung

The ACH-1 is amazing both for looks and function, this seems to fit our definition of a perfect helmet. Ideal for hitting the road, it will keep you protected if need but, and will also keep you energized and comfortable, making it easier to drive longer distances without shedding one drop of sweat!

Designer: Steve Feher

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