Kobo Wants To Steal The E-Reader Spotlight From The Kindle


Equipped with a large screen, waterproof ability, and the world’s first ability to ‘borrow and return’ novels from the library, Forma from Kobo is stepping up its game hoping to outshine the Kindle in the market. Amazon has been focusing on perfecting the use of Voice AI, so the Kindle has sort of taking a spot on the back burner, not really being talked about much. Kobo on the other hand has partnered up with Walmart, in hopes to create the ultimate device for the book lovers who use e-books avidly. Kobo’s Forma comes with a grippable body as well as a thick bezel on one end making it easy to hold. There are controls on the bezel that allow you to flip pages and go through your library and a cool feature is you can use this 8 inch screen either portrait or landscape, which makes reading in different environments easier.

This design was made to be able to make it through the day with you no matter your journey, as it features e-ink Mobius display, therefore it can withstand more twists, bends, handbags or backpacks than any other e-reader we have seen. It’s IPX8 rating allows the Forma to be dunked in up to 2 meters of water and for up to 60 minutes.

Last, but not least, The Kobo Forma allows you to rent from the library using Overdrive online library services. This allows you to search, borrow, or download books via Overdrive directly from your e-reader using your library card. Take that Kindle!

Designer: Kobo

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