Completely Waterproof, Wireless Earbuds

How many times have you wished you could wear your earbuds in the shower or bath? If you use them at all, you know it’s more than crossed your mind. Maybe you’ve even taken the risk and done it, crossing your fingers they’d keep working. But knowing there is a good chance the water would ruin them forever.

Fear not and take no more risks, water lovers. The Muve earbuds are here to come along on all of your water soaked adventures, providing incredible sound in every splash or wave. These expertly engineered, wireless sound companions are IPX7 waterproof and packed with great tech. Inside each is a graphene driver, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, touch controls and offer a powerful connection to your source. Check them out and see why you just have to get a pair of them for yourself.

waterproof earbuds

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