Are You Losing Focus?

One of the biggest challenges to work productivity is focusing. There has to be a fair amount of it in order to get an important job done. And who’s job isn’t important?

That is why FOCI was created. It’s a wearable device that allows for direct feedback on your level of focus. You simply clip it onto your clothes and it reads breathing changes. And just how can changes in breathing tell you about your focus? Because the device is a combination of what the makers are calling “Cognitive Biometrics and an AI Mind Coach”. Specifically, the technology incorporates over 20yrs of research on the connection between breathing and the subconscious mind.

“FOCI clips to your waist, captures your cognitive states as a stream of colored orbs, helps you visualize your mind and understand yourself better.” – FOCI

What we like is that the device is small and rather unobtrusive. It reads a complex system simply and provides a visible form of feedback that you can really learn from. We are curious to see what this type of information could affect in the real world.

You can buy it here.

foci device

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