Alexa Watch becomes the First Martian Watch

To date voice activated Alexa has been pretty immobile. She’s existed in homes, connected to a power outlet, living in one space. Amazon’s Echo Auto wishes to bring Alexa watch into another personal space, the car… but ultimately, all Amazon’s devices conquer spaces, instead of becoming personal devices.

You can always look up cool digital watches for women, men or kids. There are a bunch from 2017 that look like that they are from another world. Regardless if you read the the reviews or not its all about the looks at the end of the day. Christmas is also around the corner so now you will need to spruce up your list and get shopping.

The Alexa Watch imagines a predicament where Alexa is instantly open to you. Designed like a wearable, the timepiece is the personal Alexa-machine, instead of an Echo device for the family. It sits on your wrist, enabling you to play/pause music, order taxis, receive and send messages/mails, and order food either to your address in order to where you are.

The Alexa wearable embodies the overall type of Amazon’s hardware, having a white-colored-only or black-only design, and using blue lighting and logos wherever necessary. The wearable also possesses an Alexa-triggering button between your 1 and a pair of o’clock positions, along with a small microphone built-into the timepiece-body underneath the screen that allows you to seamlessly speak to your voice assistant!

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