Air Pollution Radar

The Huma-i is a portable device that reads air quality. But this is one of those items that seems more like it would cause problems rather than solve them. The reading comes back to you as an emoji-type face that tells you if the air is good or if you need a mask to breathe.

Is it nice to know what you’re breathing? Definitely. But without anything to improve the air quality around you — why would you want to know how bad it is? It’s not as though you can stop yourself from needing to go outside, or inside, or breathe. But if you’re anything like most people, it will stress you out a bit to know that you have to go outside (or inside) and breathe bad air.

So, unless they plan on shipping these with a respirator mask, the point of the device seems rather moot. Could it help with research? Most certainly. But as a consumer device for everyday use, it appears to fall short of being too much more than a fancy panic button.

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Curious about the product? Find it here.

huma-i portable air device

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