A New Social Media?


In contrast to other web-based social media, Kohort is here to bring you on-the-web and genuine interpersonal connections together. Today, your internet presence isn’t an exact impression of your genuine world. You wouldn’t host a birthday get-together and welcome 1500 people. You wouldn’t share travel photos with the whole world (unless you’re a professional photographer). And you positively wouldn’t let your child hang out overnight with a person twice their age. And chances are you wouldn’t want your kids to see your tagged college party photos from a friend you haven’t spoke to in 20yrs.

With Kohort, there’s a greater way to connect. Kohort associates individuals with reason, less the commotion and diversion. They’re not a beacon system and they have no desire to be – social media giants have that taken care of. Rather, Kohort is worked around what matters most: families, local gatherings, peers, and then some. The focus is on connections that are the genuine communities we manufacture our lives around. Something new and fresh for social media. Something to think about.



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