Logitech Knows What Your Keyboard Needs


What type of keyboard do you use? If you just had to look down or said to yourself “I don’t know”, chances are it’s not a Logitech. Because while there are thousands of fish in the keyboard-making-sea, there is only one Logitech. And that’s because they make keyboards for everyday use better than just about anyone else. And the Logitech k400 Plus is no exception.

Starting with battery life, the details and functionality of this wireless keyboard are impressive. The high function design can go an astounding 18 months without any need to change the batteries. How’s that for set-it-and-forget-it use? Connected by a plug and play unifying receiver, this device takes up only one USB port but can connect multiple Logitech devices. The key layout is simple and user-friendly, created for standard typing and media use. Ideally, this keyboard is great for connecting to your TV, or any other computer-enabled device with a large screen in your home. It would be great for teachers and students, conference rooms, or even sitting on your couch. With a 33 foot wireless range, you can go pretty far away from your source without worry. But if all of that isn’t enough, this great design includes a large, 3.5-inch touchpad. Making every move easy and fast while navigating menus or making selections. And finally, the smooth keys that allow natural movement and lightweight design enable this device to easily slide to the top of our list for wireless keyboards.

Curious if you’re ready for an upgrade? Take a look.

logitech k400 plus

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