Does Your Desktop Fit in Your Pocket?

While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all profile for computers, this one proves that size isn’t everything. We are looking at the Sirius B Black Cherry from Ockel. As small as a smartphone, this mini-PC is surprisingly good at what it does. Portable and fast, it can get you through work or play with Windows 10 OS and other great features.

While performance is the first thing to consider when looking at min-computers, it’s certainly not the last. This very small PC functions as a media player, office computer, home computer and even handles games. But its ease of use is tremendous. Simply plug in an HDMI screen, USB keyboard and mouse — and you’re up and running. Packaged with 32GB storage, memory is expandable up to 128GB’s. And better yet? It’s absolutely silent.

mini pc sirius b

Find it here.

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