Blue Light Glasses for Everyday


Do you sit in front of a computer? For many of us, the answer is yes. There are millions of desk jobs out there and of course millions who work them. This means there are countless pairs of eyes that could be suffering the long term effects of screen-use. When looking at the problem, it’s easy to understand. The blue light and other types of light waves beaming from your screen can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms. Many report headaches, eye strain, difficulty sleeping, and more. So what’s the solution?

BARNER 2.0 is a revised and re-thought pair of glasses that are for anyone who stares at a screen most of the day. They bring together a stylish approach to eye protection that is both attractive and affordable. Block all the harmful light and keep your eyes happier and healthier. They come in a number of colors and are lightweight, flexible and can be easily kept at your desk.

barner 2.0 computer glasses

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