A PC that Repurposes Electronic Waste


You know how you sometimes try to beat the unstoppable technology by buying the latest and greatest equipment. Only to realize a week later that someone came up with

As new technology is released every single day you get the promise of a better working advanced chip that can give you a better performance. look that’s years in front of the current devices. However with the rate where our technology evolves, exactly the same devices start to feel out-dated and due for any refresh within a few years. The Amount is really a modular Home PC indisputable fact that explores how users could be asked to retain their devices a bit longer of your time, despite their primary me is over!

The modular and highly adaptable home computer?s versatility centers around the inspiration that offer the least experienced users to upgrade the maturing hardware The pyramid of blocks is nicely hidden inside the aesthetically-clean casing. It isn?t only the extended existence-cycle from the product that’s been considered, but the consumer experience continues to be explored in great detail from adjustable articulation from the screen right through to the intuitive and fuss-free interface, it?s certainly a tool we would like to see within our homes for many years!

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