Ikea Adds Gaming Accessories


This is a pretty new territory for IKEA, but in the larger scheme of things, falls under their umbrella of home and life accessories to make your day-to-day living easier. The Uppkoppla (Swedish for ‘Online’) is an ongoing series of accessories for gamers, including those with mobility issues. The collection comprises a wrist-support, a mouse bungee (for wire-management), and a series of tactile key-caps for more intuitive gaming, while prototypes under development include desk supports, chairs, and even tables. ikea gaming desk setup

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Unveiled at IKEA’s annual product conference Democratic Design Days, the Uppkoppla comes in partnership with UNYQ, a medical-wearable manufacturing company with 3D scanning technology that enables the Uppkoppla to be built exactly to your ergonomic specifications, and with Area Academy, which runs educational structures, programs and courses relating to e-sports.

The Uppkoppla should be available from 2020, through a specialized app that allows you to scan your hand and wrist (for the wrist-support), so the products are built to ‘fit you like a glove’. All of Uppkoppla’s products are 3D printed using resin-bath printing, allowing them to be accurate, flexible, and comfortable to wear/use. The 3D printed nature of the products allow them to be built exactly to your specifications, giving gamers (especially those with disabilities) finely-crafted accessories to help them adapt to situations and experiences better!

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