Appealing Function with a Reflection

How many times have you needed an ironing board or a steamer for wrinkles but didn’t have one? If you’re an adult, the honest answer to that is at least 5. We have all needed a freshly pressed outfit at least a few times. But as a whole, for many of us, owning a separate ironing board, iron, and clothes steamer is just something else to take up space. But what if you could have each available whenever you needed it? And even better, you don’t have to store it or put it in a closet somewhere. ENSEMBLE is designed to give you everything you need for a fresh, pressed look – all attached to the back of your room mirror. Take a look at the features ENSEMBLE includes and see why this design is highly appealing. Interchangeable plates, perfume-ready stem compartment, and built-in storage just to name a few. The ENSEMBLE ironing mirror is a great design incorporating everyday use and practical tools.

mirror ironing board

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