pivo camera pod assistant

The Camera Assistant We All Need


Are you ready to say “Where has this been?”, because you’re about to. The Pivo pod has 12 features that can radically enhance any user experience for filming and photography with your smartphone. Though it looks small, this genius and capable pod cradles your device, acting like a camera assistant. A very smart, really capable camera assistant.

On the long list of things this pod can do, we are most excited about the Auto-Tracking feature for making videos and absolutely seamless Panoramic. With multi-platform support for all popular (and beyond) live streaming services; this pod will keep your videos looking crisp and awkward-frame-jump free. Just give it a clear space to rotate with your smartphone attached and it will follow you while you move. You can even add a Turntable, Lightbox or GoPro Mount to further enhance the already great features. Oh, did we mention it comes with a remote? No need to leave your centered set-up. Just click from where you are.

small camera assistant


Find it here.

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