sphaera camera

Research and a Perfect Click: Sphaera Camera


Toating the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award, look at this fantastic camera design. There are so many new concept cameras out there, sure. But there are none like this. The Sphaera Camera is here to show us the power of research — and how it can perfect an existing item, even one over 200 hundred years later. What the designers have done here is truly listen to the needs and wants from all over the photography spectrum, through months of research, and bring forward a design that encompasses it all.

“…Sphaera is a camera that combines the functionality of a high end camera with a user friendly interface that make the camera much more approachable to the novice and intermediate photographer. The unique design of the body allows for a compact holding position. The dual dials provide an intuitive way to change settings, while the screens portray feedback that can inform and enlighten.” – John VanDerKloot

What this means is that the Sphaera Camera will help you with real feedback. As you approach your shot, the camera gives you all of the suggested settings to create the right moment. The dials are all still up to you. In other words, you have a built-in instructor, right on your screen. But what you choose to do with the information is all your own. Smooth dials, easy and intuitive feedback, and a real opportunity to learn professional photography. This camera couldn’t come soon enough.

sphera camera

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