Personal Camera Meets Personal Assistant

Nearly any professional will say that managing time is paramount. The same professionals will agree they like having an assistant. Making the most out of our connections is important. It affects all aspects of life. More time with family and friends. More time with a partner. Better use of our time at work. A solid balance between our jobs and play is crucial to happiness. But it’s not just important for mental health.

Spending quality time with loved ones and taking time for ourselves is proven to extend life expectancy. And who doesn’t want to live a longer, happier life? That is exactly why OrCam created the MyMe. A wearable device that helps track the time you spend and who you spend it with. This small, clip on camera has all the features you need to see just what you’re doing with your days. The device itself clips onto your clothing and transmits all the info the camera gathers to an app.

In the app you can see exactly who you are spending your hours and minutes with. When you are wearing the MyMe, you will instantly have access to valuable information on the person standing in front of you – including when you last saw them and where. MyMe pulls up relevant, transmittable information that can be viewed on a smart watch, phone or tablet. You can even set goals for who you want to spend more — or less — time with. Maybe you aren’t spending enough time with your partner? Set a goal. Maybe it feels like you never see your close friends enough? Look to the numbers and see where you can move things around. This super smart device makes it that easy.

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