Auto Detection Camera for AI Shots

Smart, well made and fully functional camera. This is the “Auto-Director” OBSBOT Tail, AI camera that will change how you see professional shots. With the ability to shoot 4K at 60FPS it offers much more than just being an AI tracking device.

“OBSBOT Tail uses HiSilicon Hi3559A chip which brings a staggering 5 TFLOPS of computing power. This makes it possible to support premium imaging technologies like HDR10*/3DLUT/3DNR etc. With support from these powerful and efficient technologies, OBSBOT Tail gives you unrivaled performance in the field of AI imaging. ” – OSBOT

Well designed AI camera and portable to boot, this auto AI camera can make all of your professional adventures more exciting. How? Simply by being there. If you like to film, that is. Once this camera is set up the rest is simple. The device will follow you, movement by movement, with no need for resetting. In addition to 4K, AI tracking and Wi-FI connectivity, the camera is incredibly smooth with transitions powered by 3-axis Gimbal. And the battery life for the AI camera is nothing to scoff at either at 180min per charge. We all agree this is one impressive camera.

osbot ai camera

AI Camera

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