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mini terrariummini terrariummini terrariummini terrariummini terrariummini terrariummini terrarium

Nearly how big a matchbox, these acrylic cuboids have a living, breathing, self-sustaining terrarium blocks. Made to be easily compact enough to become placed anywhere, the Level Scapes are an easy way to create a little bit of nature along with you anywhere. Not only a simple plant however a real natural floral habitat. Terrariums BLOCKS are excellent micro-habitats which have a knack for surviving by themselves, replenishing their demands, residing in harmony, just like a miniature forest. Just a little water along with a couple of beams of sunlight and also the terrarium is capable of doing self-sustaining. When stacked together, they’re a fantastic option to plants, as they’re compact, resilient, and low maintenance.

Terrariums frequently occupy a few square-ft of space… Level Scapes seems to fit them into palm-sized portable boxes that you could easily place you are cooking. Housed in a openable acrylic box, which functions like a green house, these small environments can be put singularly, or perhaps groups, stacked one upon another like play-blocks. Unlike plants that need care (because they’re being designed to exist outdoors their natural forest-habitat), terrariums blocksare, actually, habitats by themselves. Comprised of a number of mosses and ferns that may live and sustain within their closed environments, taking proper care of terrariums BLOCKS is amazingly easy. The Level Scapes just need a moderate quantity of sunlight each day, along with a couple of drops water every couple of days approximately. The closed-acrylic setup is nearly just like a green house, retaining moisture to produce the right humidity and temperature required for the guarana plant to develop.

Within their compact form, the Level Scapes are a terrific have (or perhaps another person!) the present of nature. Great to cherish and low maintenance, these small, playable, stacking blocks add a little living greenery for your desk better than a bonsai or succulent because they are far more interactive and fun!

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