Vinyl Records for Your Face

In the world of tailored products, just about anything now can be made to suit. You can get everything from custom coffee cups to vehicle interiors.

But what if you like music? Like really, really like it. What sort of custom items outside of the common mug, t-shirt or wall art can you find? Here’s one you might not have seen before; glasses. Specifically, vinyl glasses made from the record of your choice. And yes, they are exactly as great as they sound (splendid, actually). Vinylize is doing something very unique and we are totally into it.

So the idea is you pick out the album you want, pick a frame style, and let them do the rest. Their creative team of skilled artists goes to work to produce the frames of your rock n’ roll dreams from the record itself. Arriving to you in a custom box, showcasing the album and your new specs, the final result is nothing short of mesmerizing. The hard part? Deciding what album to use.

vinylize glasses

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