Upgrade Your Driving Experience

If you like easy navigation, you’re going to love this new car device. Raven is a clever dashboard assistant and so much more. No more handling your phone for maps while you’re out and about. And that’s just skimming the surface of what this device can do.

Two HD screens give adjustable views for ongoing speed checks and next turns in your route. What else would you like to know? See what’s going on with your young driver. Check your loved ones situation in traffic. Know in a flash if there’s been a mishap and get live video streaming on your smartphone. You can do this with two HD cameras. Feel at ease knowing everyone is safe or know exactly when the car is stuck in bad traffic. Share your trip progress with your family so they know when you’ll arrive. Raven can show you anything inside or outside of the car.

Raven can let you know just about anything. From the importance of that light on your dashboard to where you stopped a week ago at that extraordinary new restaurant. That overly lengthy drive to your family get-together where you saw a bear? It’s on HD video that you can show to your friends. Falling star? HD video. Midnight road trip karaoke? Night. Vision. Music. Video. A quick motion to Raven’s sensor and your captures are prepared to be imparted to the world, from your smartphone.

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