Two Wheels and Not Too Much Else

If motorcycles are your thing, it might be best that you look away. Although artistically appealing, this concept design is anything but functional. Removing all that resembles comfort and stripping down to bare-bones basics seems to be the theme for this ‘ B1’ design from Dennis Sedov. There are some nice features, sure, but let’s review this carefully.

It’s My Party and I’ll Ride How I Want To

Comfort, it’s important. Except not here. Placing integrated handles directly on the sides of the front wheel, the rider’s face would sit mostly above it. Which aside from a resulting neck ache on rides further than the grocery store, that wouldn’t be so bad if the front fender wasn’t non-existent. But without anything to guard against the spray that wheels create in motion, a rider would surely get a neck full of whatever conditions the road has to offer.

Functionality, it’s also important. Or is it? From the look of the front wheel, it appears that the engine is housed inside it on the left. Behind an exterior compartment. And that’s not so bad until you need to change your tires. Or until some road matter gets stuck in your wheel and you must disassemble the entire compartment on the side of the road to get it out. Too bad there’s no room to add a storage compartment for those tools either.

And last but absolutely not least, where is the gauge cluster? Knowing how fast you are going is incredibly important, or even how much fuel you have left. And while some might argue it’s an electric engine (sure, why not) a rider still needs to know when it’s time to recharge or how much distance is left. And we won’t even go after the other missing components from a modern age design (like GPS, smartphone integration, or sound, or breaks?) because this article would simply be too long.

What It Has That We Like

While there is certainly a long list of “where did this go?” items for this design, there are a few great aspects to it. Maybe even one or two we’d love to see picked up in a consumer available motorcycle. And we’ll start with the taillights. Because they are stunning.

It’s not every day you look at a set of taillights and say ‘wow’, but here you can. The triangular pattern created for these bar lights is a far cry from the boring rounds we so often see on motorbikes. The cutouts create almost a lantern effect that is as functional as they are visually pleasing. And we truly enjoy that they follow the length of the wheel. It brings a depth to the rear of the design that we only wish could have been carried to the front, too.

We also love the slim foot board. While it is placed where the engine typically is, the footboard creates an interesting resting space for the rider while in motion. Is it truly functional in real conditions? We’re not so sure. But it is certainly nice to look at and imagine as a far more comfortable place to rest feet than traditional pegs.

Why Not?

Overall, we would love to see this design continue to transform. Because even as a cafe racer, this design leaves much to be desired. And while the good elements it has are certainly nothing to ignore, what it’s lacking could easily be filed under “safety hazard”. And with over 92,000 motorcycle-related injuries in the US annually, it doesn’t seem like a great idea to send anyone off on two engine powered wheels without at least a speedometer.

B1 race bike

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