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Holograms Have Arrived


We’ve all been waiting for this for decades and they are finally here. Holograms have arrived to take us all the places we want to be. And this system from EyeLights is exactly everything it should be. It’s called EyeDrive and it fits right onto your dash projecting an interactive, holographic image into space just below your windshield.

“Designed by senior automotive engineers and optic doctors, EyeDrive is the next-generation car assistant…” – EyeLights

Just how excited are we about this new device? Take a look at the demonstration below. This display gives you everything you would typically use your phone for with the artificial intelligence. But you control it with just waving your hand or using your voice. No more dangerous phone use while driving. Gesture control is all the buzz right now and we have seen some great integrations in upcoming vehicles. But this device fits seamlessly into the car you already have. No need to wait or upgrade your car. Just add EyeDrive and your road experience will soar to a whole new level.

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