Bosch Brings the All Electric, Self-Driving Pod to CES

At CES 2019 BOSCH brought along its self-driving transportation pod. Essentially a luxury electric vehicle that can seat 4 people, the pod is roomy. The interior has enough space to stretch out and relax on your trip. And the exterior design is crisp and clean. We aren’t crazy about the gigantic viewing screens, but for what it is, the design is nothing short of futuristic.

What we really love about this is the smartphone-user experience. The idea is that you can book a ride through the app. The software will go to work processing requests using an algorithm that pairs riders with similar destinations and proximity. When the rider approaches the vehicle, the sensors use the riders cell phone to uniquely identify and open only for them. Additionally, you’ll never forget your stuff in a pod because, after every exit, it self-scans for belongings and cleanliness. It doesn’t get much better than that.

bosch pod taxi

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