dome heater and diffuse



Every once in a while we get to see an invention that is as beautiful as it is functional. Sure there are many types of gadgets, products, and inventions we see daily that are some type of impressive. But not so many that have the ability to be artistically captivating while also highly functional.

Today we got to see Egloo and it is just too perfect not to share. Three products in one; a space heater, a humidifier, and an oil diffuser. But what you are also getting (if you choose) is an original, handpainted piece of art. Because of the terracotta body of these domes they can be transformed into elegant, dazzling artwork. The Italian artists at Egloo will turn your item into an original masterpiece that compliments your space. So then you have an artistic unique item that not only makes your home smell nice but helps to warm it and banish dry air. We don’t know how long it takes to ship – but we are sure it’s well worth the wait.

egloo heater and oil diffuser

Find it here.

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