Measure with Titanium

When is the last time you looked at your ruler and thought, “This thing is great”? If you haven’t recently, then maybe this is for you. If you have, then it sounds like you might love a good ruler. So check this out anyway. This unnecessarily strong ruler is made out of the toughest metal in the world and is cut to measure up to engineering-needs precision.

“It’s light, it’s strong, it’s acid and magnet resistant. It’s time to take your measurements seriously.” – Trance Metals

Sound a little overkill? It is. But that’s on purpose. The creators of the Trance Solid Titanium Ruler brought this project to life simply because they wanted to have one. And, naturally, they thought other people might want one too. It turns out they were absolutely right. This fun project has already raised 1270% of its goal and you can buy one, too.

titanium ruler

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