I  love to start my day off with a perfect cup of coffee and end it with a relaxing cup of tea. With the smart technology and Bluetooth connectivity the Jacqueline electric tea kettle, The Jackie for short. From Italian  brand Bugatti, offers both style and efficiency when in need of that cup of tea.

Bugatti brand is known for the high quality products. With this electric tea Kettle in your kitchen you will get reaction from Family and Friends .  Shaped like a stainless steel handbag,offers both style and efficiency. When in need of that cup of tea that’s just right. Unlike your typical Kettle “The Jackie” only need you to flip the switch on. You can pair with your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

The digital display screen that indicates that a flavorful, hot cup of tea is always just a few moments away.The brew’s water temperature and level as well as a signal that shows whether or not the kettle’s been turned on. There’s also a ‘Keep Warm,’ function which maintains a consistent simmer for as long as three hours. This is the perfect Kettle if you live in a cold state. On a snowy day you can turn your tea on from your phone so it will be hot when you get home.

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