The An All-black Costume Hybrid Travel Jacket Neckpacker 2. (also known as Neckpacker 2.) may seem like a jacket towards the untrained eye, but I’d as if you to consider it as being a bit of luggage that you could wear… as well as sleep in. Now that can be a description may not seem sensible initially, I promise to guide you through what might be probably the most revolutionary bit of travel apparel I’ve seen. Using the Neckpacker 2., you are able to literally travel empty-handed, ditching your carry-on bag, filled with your neck-pillow, eye-mask, and all sorts of other travel accouterments… as this travel jacket literally has 8 pockets (including one that’s large enough to suit a tablet), and comes fitted with a unique eye-mask and inflatable neck-pillow. Once you’ve worn the Neckpacker 2., you’re ready for traveling all you need directly on you, out of your passport, kindle, and wallet, for your reassurance, because of the Neckpacker’s ability to help you to easily lull off and away to sleep on individuals lengthy plane or bus journeys.

The Neckpacker 2. is built to function as the greatest weapon inside a traveler’s arsenal. Crafted like a highly functional bit of classic outerwear, the Neckpacker appears like an elegant travel jacket, but is a lot more. 8 pockets around the outdoors and also the inside allow you to carry individual products that you’d normally stash inside a backpack, making the Neckpacker literally a backpack that you simply put on as clothing. An inner pocket enables you to store a tablet as an iPad or Kindle, ensure that is stays hidden, while outer pockets are ideal for your bank account, phone, boarding pass, earphones, keys, or perhaps a sandwich if you want. The jacket’s made to be breathable yet waterproof and windproof, enabling you to stay awesome within the heat and warm in cold, windy climates, and dry throughout. The hoodie is huge, not only completely shielding the face in the rain, but additionally in the sun. Actually, it also goes so far as just as one eye-mask for you personally while you travel, providing you with complete darkness while you catch a couple of winks on a trip. Talking about catching a couple of winks, the Neckpacker 2.0’s pièce de résistance is its neck pillow, a set, inflatable pillow that you could zip to connect or remove within the hoodie.

The Neckpacker 2.0’s neck pillow really deserves its very own paragraph. Made to exist when it’s needed, and become either flat-packed or detached whenever you don’t, the inflatable pillow just provides you with further of comfort while you rack in individuals miles. A cutting-edge hands-pump enables you to definitely inflate or deflate the neck-pillow, which means you don’t need to blow in it just like a fool, as the pillow’s design is enhanced to grow round the contours of the neck, not only providing you with a cushion to relax your mind on, but additionally modifying to suit your ergonomic needs, which means you get seem sleep with no sore neck later on. Furthermore, the Neckpacker’s fabric is made to be soft, as well as help regulate the body temperature, holding you back awesome and picked up while you sleep from the neck pillow, using the eye-mask attracted over your vision, and all sorts of your possessions right at arms length. Said, the Neckpacker 2. is a bit of luggage that you could wear… as well as sleep in. Is sensible now, doesn’t it?

The An All-black Costume Hybrid travel Jacket Neckpacker 2. isn’t only a product If only I’d. It’s an item If only every one of my co-travelers had too. Make a world where your co-passengers are less talkative, more enjoyable, not constantly leaning in your shoulder because they attempt to catch a couple of winks, and mist importantly, not receiving up constantly to drag their bag from the overhead locker as their book or iPad is within it. Make a world where traveling was really peaceful. I’d love to reside in that world.


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