This Mask has the standard same as N95 while wearing it the air you inhale and exhale get sterilized and filtered thru the UV-LEDs filter. The best thing about this Mask is it effectively protect asymptomatic people from infecting others around them. The UV filtration Mask comes with a silicone outer-ring to create a comfortable airtight seal. The filter needs to get replace after  weeks of use .

The mask comes with a removable outer hard-shell that lets you access and replace the filter.UV-C lamp itself has a usage life of 10,000 hours and internal battery runs for 6 hours on a single full charge. You can wear this Mask different was because of the multiple strap. You can secure the UV filtration mask around your head or even around your ear, based on what suits you best.

I love the fact that it also comes with an optional carrying-case for securely storing the mask when not in use. There’s so much germs in the world any kind of protection is great to have. You can use this if you work with Chemical, if you have Allergy to Pollute  and also if you have any other illness where you need to protect you breathing like Asthma.


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