I am always looking to cut a tag of something or need to tween a unwanted eyebrow. Finally there is something small enough to fit in any of my purse or wallet called The SwissCard Lite. This unique credit card shape swiss-army multi tools are so useful to carry around. It is definitely on my Christmas list to give as gift to my Family and Friends.

I don’t about you but I always need to use at least one thing on a daily basis. There is so many different tools in this  little package everything from grooming equipment to tailoring instruments to stationery and even swiss-army multi tools. It’s got its own ballpoint pen, pocket-knife, scissors, tweezers, straight-pin, magnifying glass, scale (with both metric and imperial units), LED torch, and as many as four different screwdriver-heads.

You can leave your wallet on table and don’t have to worried about your little one. Because it look like your credit card no one will know except you. I can’t believe that it comes with as many as 13 different tools all integrated into its. When someone looks at this they will be shock to see what is  included not a simple credit card anymore . With this you are ready for any emergency. Leatherman, Gerber and Victorinox are the biggest competitors of swiss-army multi tools. Some of the multi tools are from united states of America and some of them are from the Germany. Both the countries are the best toolmakers in the world. Everyone should have this kind of multi tools or the toolbox and tool bag at their homes.



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