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On every single day that passes by things are increasingly becoming compact, the fast paced and dynamic functionality for having a bicycle rack hold your bike, it’s essential that the object or product is good for your everyday use and supports your lifestyle too. We want these everyday products to become readily available and at our disposal as easily as having them at the end in our fingers. Actually, even transportation is heading towards increasingly personalized and eco-friendly, with bicycles and electric scooters overtaking.

Constructed from wood and sheet steel, B-place is really a wall-mounted bike stand. It includes a matte black panel protruding in the wall, having a layer of wood on the top. The low area of the hanger is characterized by two hooks. However, the B-place doesn’t simply hold bicycles! The black steel and wood panel duo may be used to hold planters, vases, your bank account, keys, along with other miscellaneous products. The 2 little hooks may be used to hold your clothing products, caps, jackets, umbrellas and much more.

The hanger’s most fascinating feature could be how its black panel curves right in front, developing a lengthy rectangular slot. The slot works as a little nook to hold your bicycle on! So once you’re done riding your bike, simply lift up and put it inside the slot.

So when you’re getting late for the morning hours conferences, it’ll be considered a relief to locate all of your important possessions in a single place! Get your keys, wallet, coat, as well as your bicycle all in the same storage hanger. In a few minutes you’re all set to go, without getting to stumble around for your travel essentials. The B-place is ideal for all of the modern users, who require everyday designs to become accessible, time-saving and space-efficient! The B-place may be the multipurpose hanger for the future.

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