dual plus pillow

Sleep Better with Less Pain

If you’ve ever suffered a bad nights sleep and woke up with neck pain, look at this Dual Plus Pillow. The idea behind this design is that it cradles your…
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valentines day

Surprise Your Valentine This Year

Valentine’s Day, as we’ve already mentioned, is fast approaching. And there are so many cool things you can get your significant other that aren’t just candy and flowers. But, what? And…
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musiccloth art

Shadows and Music Meet Art

We are all about up-cycling and any good idea that involves reducing waste. And this project is a good example of how something old can be new again. MusicCloth is…
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little sophia

Little Sophia for Your Home

Unless you’ve never heard of robots, chances are you know Sophia. She is the awe-inspiring AI robot from Hanson Robotics and she’s spectacular. For many years now, Sophia has been…
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paper guardian

Paper Shouldn’t Be Wasted

For anyone who takes a lot of notes, there’s no doubt you have looked into ways to save on paper. When you are writing regularly, you already know the feeling of…
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Up-Cycle Your Sound

Are you a music lover? If you answered yes, there is a good chance you will like this. So many speaker options exist today for home and office, but how nice…
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