A New Social Media?

In contrast to other web-based social media, Kohort is here to bring you on-the-web and genuine interpersonal connections together. Today, your internet presence isn’t an exact impression of your genuine…
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onak canoe

Canoeing Just Got Easier

If packing your things for a travel adventure means bringing your canoe, this might just be your new favorite thing. Meet the ONAK 2.0. Announcing the second generation of its…
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essential phone

Calling To Say Goodbye

If you are anything like the thousands of other smartphone enthusiasts out there, 2018 was full of ups and downs. Looking at one specifically, the creator of the Essentail Phone,…
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grass lamp for home or office

Unique Fresh Grass Lamp

Embrace simplicity and improve your indoor air quality. Fun and unique, this Valsfer Designer Grasslamp – Desktop Garden Light lets you grow plants using water and LED light. No soil…
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home air purifier

Bad Air Be Gone

You walk in the house and have a good sneeze. A few minutes later, a cough. You don’t think much of it. But what your body might be trying to…
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