Butane Free, Cordless Curling Iron

The time eventually comes when you must travel. Maybe it’s for work. Maybe it’s for school. Or – more likely – maybe you are visiting friends or family. No matter where to, you have to pack the things you’ll need while you’re away. If you’re anything like the millions of women and men all over the world who use styling tools, that means you have to bring those too.

The Lunata Cordless, Convertible Curling Iron is all about making those trips easier. The first ever cordless, convertible curling iron of its kind, this tool is fully functional with nothing left out. Charge and go functionality meets a removable battery (bring a spare if you want). While the high heat availability allows your style to last all day. No butane cartridges, no tiny barrel. This curler is full size and powerful.

cordless curling iron

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