Carbon Fiber Music

The newest thing in acoustic music is here and could easily split the future of string instruments into unintended groups. Carbon fiber and wood. Yes, this new carbon fiber guitar is that amazing. And no, we weren’t expecting it to be.

The very first thing you notice about the LAVA Me Carbon guitar is its design. This instrument almost immediately moves you to touch it. Visually it’s just incredibly appealing. Smooth edges, clean, intentional lines and expert finishing jump at you. But the really impressive thing here, of course, is the sound.

The LAVA ME Pro guitar sounds as crisp as a songbird and the sound clarity is sharp as a knife. Just what makes this possible with a full carbon fiber body? The design. The most interesting aspects of this guitar are actually invisible. What lies under the soundboard, specifically, is a honeycomb-style layering of its primary material that creates a highly unique sound quality. You will also like the position of the sound hole. It brings a new depth to the look and feel of the instrument. Add to that the lightweight feel and durability of carbon fiber, and you have one outstanding guitar.

carbon fiber guitar

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