Air Purifier Tech for a New Generation

We write a lot about clean air. The fact is, when it comes down to the core (with a few exceptions), most air purifiers have the same working parts. There are a HEPA filter and some sort of carbon-based catch filters. These work to trap most of the nasty stuff you don’t want to breathe. Air filters have been this way for so long that it’s a little hard to imagine much change.

But there is finally something new, and we’ll even say exciting. Introducing the bMola GO. This very different air purifier works to burn up all the little nasties in your air, not just trap them.

“Powerful and portable, the b-Mola GO is the first medical-grade air purifier designed for consumer usage.  Unlike traditional air purifiers, b-Mola GO utilizes the most effective NCCO patented technology (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation). NCCO is widely used in many hospitals and public areas to provide you with the best quality air.” – bMOLA

burner air purifier

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