The Lamborghini of Massage Chairs, Literally

If you have done any research on the “oooo” and “ahhhs” of CES this week, no doubt you’ve stumbled across the $30K massage chair from Lamborghini. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s magical.

When this space-age looking chair caught our attention, it was in the midst of a crowd. Everyone needed to know what, exactly, these things were. Perched on either side of the Murcielago, the red and yellow chairs beckoned to be sat in. So we took a closer look and found these were massage chairs of the most luxurious variety. Modeled after the Aventador, the BodyFriend massage chair is an over-the-top way to relax at home (or work, if you have that kinda space).

Airbags for your pleasure

This chair uses a combination of airbags, nobs and sliding internal components to give a rich (if not aggressive) experience. Called the 4D Massage System, it incorporates 3-dimensional massage with heat and sound to provide a powerful experience. It has settings for muscle strains, healing and a variety of custom options. The audio comes from multi-channel surround sound speakers. And although the pumping electro music they were playing at the time wasn’t our ideal for relaxation, it’s a great feature. Add the intuitive multi-interface controls on either side and this massage chair is one hot item for luxurious comfort.

The final result – therapy massage chairs are cheaper

If you are anything like the rest of us and don’t have a miscellaneous $30k to toss at this massage chair, don’t be discouraged. Although the stunning design and functions of the BodyFriend are impressive, there are other options for the overall result.  The OSAKI OS-4000T ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR, for example, offers a compelling argument at less than $3K. Or even the APEX AP-PRO REGAL 3D ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR, providing a stunning amount of comparable options at well under $6K. You certainly won’t get the Lamborghini name or the flashing lights and sounds. And you won’t be able to tell your friends you have a Lamborghini in your living room. But you can get an amazing, relaxing massage for a far less than the stratospheric price tag of $30K.

Lamborghini massage chair

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Lamborghini massage chairLamborghini massage chairLamborghini massage chairLamborghini massage chair

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