BELL and Uber Making Air Taxi a Reality

It has arrived. Pealing back the curtain on opening the vertical highways to the masses, BELL has introduced the full Nexus this week at CES and we are still smiling. Beautiful and incredible to look at, the airbus is nothing short of stunning. The Nexus has a hybrid-electric propulsion system. This gives it a longer run time than a full-electric eVTOL. It seats 5 total in what can only be described as a sophisticated interior. With BELL’s reputation for military and commercial builds, the Nexus is bound to be safer and more secure than any self-driving car. Uber wants to have the co-op air-taxi project off and running in the next few years. And we couldn’t be more ready!

Where will you go for your first flight in a Nexus? Better yet, how long could it be until these are available for private purchase? Just a couple things to think on while we wait for a full service launch.

bell nexus air bus

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