Survival in an Oil Tank

This project is as unusual as it is creative. Architect Martin Marro is creating a memento and a window to his past with the ‘Bunker‘. Designed and created from an old oil tank, this livable space is a connection to his families old 1940’s service station home. And from a design perspective, it’s quite a gem. Akin to something you see only in movies, this ‘Bunker’ has many features. It has a skylight, full-size bed, electricity for lights and chargers, TV, and shelves for storage. It even has a couch-like seating area and photography artwork.

The really incredible thing about this is that the designer was working inside of a cylinder. If you’ve never used power tools inside of a confined, rounded area this might not seem like such a big deal. But when all of your walls are round, it’s much harder than one would think. This ‘Bunker’ is quite the project and we are impressed.


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